I thought I’d take a minute to go through one of the new races I made for my Spelljammer campaign. There are ten races, including humans and warforged; the other eight are all custom made races for the setting. The one I want to talk about now is the Rikoshi.

The Rikoshi vary widely in physical appearance, some even being able to change their coloration in response to emotional triggers. Rikoshi range from 5 1/2 feet to seven feet tall, and average toward the taller side of the spectrum. Their skin ranges from deep green to pale blue or purple and may even change hues according to the Rikoshi individual’s mood. It is not uncommon, also, for Rikoshi to exhibit unique patterns and markings. They are universally hairless, but some may have a crest of feathery scales on their head, back or neck. Others may have bony ridges, but all have fine small scales. Due to these scales, Rikoshi do shed their skin as they grow, but upon reaching maturity this no longer occurs as the Rikoshi no longer continue to grow.

Rikoshi are essentially biologically immortal, however, they often die before reaching maturity. Those that do reach maturity often die violently as their culture reveres warriors and honorable combat. Rikoshi reach physical maturity at roughly 25 years of age, at which time they often go out into the world to seek glory and breeding rights.

Rikoshi children are born in massive egg creche’s with other children from the same laying, often all share the same mother, but this is not necessarily the case. While in their egg creches many Rikoshi young fall victim to predation and simple bad luck. Entire populations have been lost due to bad weather striking the creche and it is not unheard of for local predators to find a hidden way in and kill several developing eggs before being found out. These events are simply considered a fact of living among the Rikoshi, however, once the eggs hatch and the child’s sex is determined the females have a vastly different lifestyle from the males. Female Rikoshi are exceedingly rare, it is not unheard of for hundreds of years to pass between the birth of a single female. These dry spells are extremely rare, however, and the more accurate representation is to say that roughly one in one thousand eggs is female.

For this reason; female Rikoshi are universally raised in hidden villages protected by a dedicated clan of eunuchs. These eunuchs are also responsible for all communication with possible breeding partners for the females and it is they who determine an individual male’s breeding status. The only females ever seen outside the hidden villages and creche-holds are those determined to be sterile. They alone, among Rikoshi, travel the planets and actively seek out those Rikoshi of sufficient valor to be brought back to the eunuchs for judgement.

Rikoshi are strong and tough, they possess exceptional healing powers and can even regenerate lost limbs, given enough time.

Historically the Rikoshi have not created much of an empire. They prefer to act as mercenaries and warriors in the cause of others. There have been various Rikoshi warlords who have had other views, but by and large the Rikoshi have been a peaceful people.

During the Great War the Rikoshi homeworld was one of the first to fall to the massive military might of the humans and their warforged creations. Due to the lack of central government the Rikoshi never managed to mount an effective military defense and the planet fell under human rule. It became the site of numerous atrocities during the 30 years of human occupation, an event the Rikoshi are still bitter about. Rikoshi resistance units did, ultimately prove vital in the final overthrow of the human Empire.

After the war several factions of Rikoshi believed the humans needed to be eradicated from their world and began a war of genocide against all the humans on their planet. While this genocide was happening the Rikoshi were forming a central government and after its final ratification the new government was forced to strip all military units who participated in the genocide of all their military rank. The highest ranking officers were banished, while the common soldier was merely dishonorably discharged from the military. To those soldiers who were discharged, this has meant a forfeiture of all breeding rights and status within rikoshi culture. Essentially they were branded as cowards among their people.

The Rikoshi world has long, also, been home to runaway Ha’Naa slaves and their freed counterparts. Many Rikoshi see their world not as their own homeworld, but as a shared homeworld with the Ha’Naa.



+2 str, +2 con

Medium size

30 ft Speed

Regeneration: Rikoshi heal 2 damage per round as long as they are conscious. This allows them to regrow even missing limbs if given enough time. This healing increases to 4 hp at level 6, 6 HP at level 11 and 8 HP at level 16 They heal this damage at the beginning of their turn.

Regenerative Burst: Rikoshi can increase their healing when necessary, doubling their normal regeneration for a number of rounds equal to their constitution modifier (minimum 1). They may not use this ability again until they have had a long rest.

Tenacious: Rikoshi have advantage on all saves vs death

Languages: Rikoshi speak Common and Rikoshi




The Everfrost Campaign

This is some of the information from a new campaign I am going to run using D&D as a base rule-set. I had to modify some skills and abilities for the party, but I figured the background information and adventure log might be fun for some of you to read. This can all be found on the campaign’s Obsidian Portal page here:  http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/everfrost

History of Everfrost

Hundreds of years ago civilization flourished. New “technologies” harnessed the power of spirits and ether to perform miracles. Cities reached to the heavens and civilizations stretched the globe.

Then something went wrong. The spirit world and the Mortal world were ripped apart. Many were driven insane, others were reformed into terrible monsters. The cities fell from the heavens and society collapsed. Even the spirits of nature were ravaged, plunging the world into a never ending winter.

It is now the year 643 AF (After Frost) and criminal syndicates and military states now control the major cities that survived the fall. The great global societies are no more, replaced by warring city-states of crime, corruption, and intrigue.

Even so, the cities are better than the wastes, where any monster you can imagine may dwell, waiting only for your imagination to give it form so it can feed on your spirit and drag you to the abyss.

The Story so Far

Galvin maneuvered “Gal”through the rubble and ruin of what must have once been a great and shining city. Checking her HUD Galvin thought he saw a face looking back at him for just a moment “A reflection” he thought checking the map again.

“That dwarf better not have been lying about this bunker.” he said, irritably. He had been sitting in Gal’s cramped cockpit for almost twelve hours before they even arrived in the city and he was more than ready to get out and stretch his legs.

“I’m sure he was,” Gal’s voice purred from his headset. “I remember this city from before.”

Gal never said much about “before” but Galvin knew when she used that tone it meant before the fall. Just then, the bunker in question loomed before them, squatting in the snow.

“Well, for both our sakes he’d better be right about what’s inside,” Galvin told her as he slowed the walking mech to a stop. “We really need this score if I’m going to get you outfitted with any armor or weapons, and you know we need those if we’re ever going to make it to Andurel.”

“I don’t understand why you want to go to the Elf city, anyway. It’s just a myth. Nobody’s ever been there, or even seen it.” Gal replied.

“Look, I don’t want to argue. Can you just pop the rear hatch so I can get my gear and get us out of here?” Galvin asked.

“I can definitely get behind that. This place gives me the creeps,” Gal answered, opening the hatch in question.

“I hear you,” Galvin told her, “Listen, stay on your guard and let me know if anything strange happens.”

With that he hopped out of the cockpit into knee deep snow and pulled his Spirit-Pad from the hatch. Slipping it in his pack he trudged up to the barred doors and began prying open the access hatch.

Campaign/Adventure Hook Ideas

Here are a few adventure/campaign ideas I’ve had. Feel free to use them, but I’d LOVE to hear about what you do with them if you do! The most rewarding part of sharing my ideas is always seeing the collaborative whole.

  1. In the deserts of Armoria blue dragons act as bookies and loan sharks.
  2. The village of Copperdale has been a quiet retreat for weary travelers on the spice roads. Recently, though, the caravans making the return trip have reported that the town is even quieter than usual. It has been abandoned! Patrols were sent from Glen’s Rest, but they are not due back, yet. Arriving in Glen’s Rest, you notice that it, too, is quieter than normal. You begin passing through the tiny village and soon discover why. It seems the citizens of Copperdale have begun wandering into town in a daze. The entire village has abandoned their normal routine to lend aid where they can…
  3. Deep in the Evermarsh a new Witch Queen is rising to power. Aided by reptilian allies the young Queen is all but assured victory.
  4. The denizens of Arkwood have been fleeing its sheltering cover in drove, the elves who live within aren’t talking.
  5. Some adventurers have recently taken ownership of a vineyard outside town and are throwing a grand opening party to celebrate their new wine label. All the important people of the city will be there, but rumor has it that someone is planning an assassination at the dance!


There’s a few to get things started.Again, let me know what you do with them, I’d love to hear it.