The Dek

Again, a long delay. Many issues have come up in my personal life (which we won’t go into here), as well as my new job including a great many more hours than advertized. So, here’s another of the new races I’ve made for my Spelljammer campaign… The Dek.

The Dek are similar in size to humans, though tending toward the short and stocky side of things. It is not uncommon to have quite large Dek, however, and many are well over six feet tall. Their skin tones are uniformly pale, with undertones of green, red or orange (depending on clan, region, etc) and they all have dark, often black hair. Each clan has different customs for wearing their hair, ranging from braids, and beads, to feathers, a topknot or crew cut. Each Dek also sports an imposing set of horns, which may be of any style (bull, ram, gazelle, etc.), dependant on their clan origin.Like humans, the vast array of minor variations from one group to the next means there is no Dek subrace and despite the vast differences from one clan to another, the overall effect is a sense of uniformity.

Dek age slightly faster than humans and reach adulthood at age 14. It is exceedingly rare to see a Dek more than 75 years old. This nearness in lifespan to humans allows them to fit in rather well with fringe human colonies.

The Dek cover a large area of space, however, there is no united Dek Empire anymore. Centuries ago (before the Geat War), during the early days of Spelljammer exploration, the Dek Empire was one of the mighty forces in the galaxy. The Emperor’s flagship, the Balos, was so terrifying that stories exist today of its sheer size and ferocity. However, during a particularly violent encounter at Gah’Leth, the Balos disappeared as it attempted to execute a fighting retreat. The remaining Dek forces were scattered and the clans fragmented. The Drovani (information to come later, but in short: they’re a crab-like race that invented Spelljammers) seized the opportunity to destroy the bulk of the Dek Armada. The resulting power vacuum caused an immediate civil war among the Dek clans as each vied for control. The warfare between the clans has been raging ever since, with only a brief respite during the Great War, when they all united against the greater external threat. All Dek grow up hearing the story of the Balos and its disappearance, they blame the Drovani for their fall from prominence and as a result do not trust them. Many bear an intense racial enmity toward the crablike species, and many worlds offer bounties on Dovani carcasses or serve Drovani as a delicacy.

The Dek homeworld, Dekkii, has a figure 8 orbit. Within each loop of the orbit is a single member of its binary system. One of the two “stars” is a black hole while the other is a red giant. During the Dekkii winters the planet is completely invisible to the naked eye, as all light which would reflect from it is instead swallowed by the black hole. This stark and unforgiving environment has created a world of fierce predators, among whom the Dek must constantly battle simply for survival. As a result they are a fierce warrior culture, putting great stock in personal valor and honor.

The Dek worship 2 primaries deities, Hikari (the name of the red giant), the goddess of light and life, and Yami (the name of the black hole), the goddess of darkness and death. These sister deities are seen as neither good nor evil and clerics of Hikari will often invoke Yami to protect the souls of fallen comrades. The Dek also acknowledge many ancestral heroes as minor deities, though these heroes are not universal and are only worshiped by an individual clan.


+2 str, +1 con

Medium Size

Speed 30 ft

Proficient in weapon or artisan tool of choice

Relentless Endurance: when reduced to 0 hp and not killed outright, you can drop to 1 HP instead. You can’t use this feature again until you finish a long rest.

Savage Attacks: When you score a crit hit with a melee weapon attack, you can roll one of the weapon’s damage dice one additional time and add it to the extra damage of the crit.

Gore: Dek can use the horns on their heads for a devastating attack dealing 1d12+str. Dek culture finds this kind of attack to be cowardly and only to be used as an absolute last resort and only to protect others. Misuse of this attack may, in fact result in the individual Dek being banished with dishonor.



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