Peole Race

I had intended to write this some time ago, actually, but I just started a new job and it got pushed back repeatedly. So; here goes nothing. Introducing, the Peole race.

Peole are taller and skinnier than humans, but not by much. The appearance of the subraces are fairly uniform. All Peole have soft fur on much of their bodies, and long ears on the top/rear of their heads. Urban Peole are exceedingly pale, with pink eyes. Forest Peole are by far the most common and have the widest range of colors, being any of the mottled browns, greys and whites, or solid grey or brown. Their eyes are usually black or brown, but occasionally they may have red or pink eyes. The final subrace of Peole is the Swamp Peole, Swamp Peole are semi aquatic and have extremely dark coloration. Their eyes are always black or red. Individual hair styles (and facial hair) vary by region and personal preference.

Peole are relatively long-lived, though far from immortal. Peole reach maturity at roughly 25 years of age, and it is extremely rare to find one over 150 years old. This longevity tends to give them a sense of serenity and patience, though when pressed to action they do not hesitate or shy away from it.

Historically the Peole have the largest Empire in history. Their rule covers hundreds of planets and thousands of colonies. The idea of a unified Empire, however, is mostly surface deep as individual factions are constantly vying for control of the Senate. Individual areas are also (by and large) autonomous, owing to the illusion that the Empire is, at its core, a Republic. This Republic, however, was suspended during the Great War 600 years ago when Gaius Lepidus I was elected. Once in power, however, Lepidus never gave power back to the Senate and over the interceding years their power-base has eroded to basically nothing. This does not, however, stop ambitious men from becoming Senators and exercising tremendous power.

The current Emperor, Gaius Oryctoligus, has ruled for over eighty years. In his twilight years he has given more power back to the Senate, in order to maintain the Empire while he rests. This has, thus far, meant the Senate handles domestic matters while the Emperor and his council handle foreign and military matters. The Emperor and all the Senators are Urban Peole and, though they claim to speak for all Peole, their relations with the other subraces are often quite strained.

Urban Peole cities are grown from organic glass that hangs from the massive trees of their home world. When they colonize a new world they bring seedlings of those trees as well as the components of their organic glass. Urban Peole were the first of their world to master Spelljammer technology and as a result they already had a foothold on any colonizable worlds within easy transit. This has forced the other subraces to the fringes of society, which has led to a good deal of distrust and even outright rebellion several times.

The largest of these rebellions was under Lepidae the Fair, a forest Peole whose village was conquered during an urban expansion movement. She and her daughters were taken prisoner for several days and when they escaped they rallied all the neighboring clans and started a bloody war of revenge. Ultimately they were captured and beheaded for treason, but not before destroying the entire 11th and 17th fleets as well as the 32nd Expeditionary Army. Their exploits have become a rallying cry for most of the rebellions since.

During the Great War, it was the Peole who ultimately united the races with their grand Galactic Alliance. Though they did not field the largest fleet, or the strongest troops, it is widely accepted that Peole forces were the most disciplined and suffered the fewest losses.

After the War, when the unified governments required a location for their Alliance Headquarters it was unanimously decided to place it on Peolochan.

Forest Peole are universally nomadic, whether they travel across the forest undergrowth of their worlds, or roaming space in their spelljammers

Swamp Peole tend to live in wooden huts suspended on stilts above the swamps of their homeland.


+1 str +2 dex

Medium Size

40 ft speed

Proficiency in perception and athletics


Languages: Common, Peole


Urban Peole

+1 int

Proficiency in long sword and rapier

One cantrip from the wizard list (int is casting ability)

Extra Language

Forest Peole

+1 wis

Proficiency in long bow and short bow

Speed increases to 45

Mask of the Wild: can hide when lightly obscured by natural phenomena

Swamp Peole

cha +1

Proficient in Short spear and net

can hold breath twice as long as normal and have a swim speed of 40

can use dancing lights and faerie fire at will



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