Thought I’d post some of the art that I’ve done for my current campaign. It’s a Spelljammer campaign set in 5th Edition D&D, but with (almost all) custom races.


This is Armor-of-the-Void, a karobin Paladin. She aspires to one day be a Queen, and believes herself to be descended from the god she worships.



This is Ashley. She didn’t last. She’s a Rikoshi paladin who didn’t understand that a healer heals and a fighter fights… as a healer and a fighter, she did neither.



This is Eblis, an Allar Warlock, he has aligned himself with the Fey Queen and acts as spy-master for the Fallen Stars


keerasha 2 lines

The line-art for Keerasha’s token

keerasha 2

This is Keerasha-Tei, a Rikoshi Monk and war criminal, he is over 700 years old and is adventuring as a means to redeem himself to the Rikoshi people and rejoin their military.



This is Pius “Roaring Thunder” Geta, a Peole Cleric and Gladiator. He had been fighting in an underground arena, when it was shut down by local authorities. He seeks fame,¬†fortune and a way to upstage his rival.


Slave Market

This is just a drawing I did. A Dek warrior has just sold a Ha’Naa into slavery. The full size image is a bit larger, though.


This is Veloc, a human rogue who has a cranial cybernetic implant. He has recently left a life of crime and is simply seeking adventure and fortune as a mercenary.



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