Campaign/Adventure Hook Ideas 2

I’ve been thinking, lately, about new campaign ideas and what I can contribute to the gaming world as a whole.

These ideas are specifically for a Spelljammer or “D&D in space” type campaign, I don’t know how well they will work in a typical campaign.

  1. Violent mercenaries get hold of magical “drug” supplements, making them even more powerful than before
  2. Pirates who ride wyverns to destroy ships and steal from the wreckage
  3. Prison planets
  4. Poachers targeting the group
  5. Clone Warriors
  6. A lost heir to a long dead (and evil) human empire is discovered on the fringes of civilization. Though still a child, many are rallying to her banner.
  7. “My political rival is destroying my reputation. I need this to stop, but if anything happens to him I’ll be the prime suspect. If you take care of this for me discretely, I’ll see to it you are handsomely rewarded.”
  8. A warlord known as “The Dire Wolf” died years ago. His tomb has been missing ever since.
  9. “The White Rabbit” is an interplanetary thief who has been doing several high profile jobs
  10. A powerful demon has been sealed in the heart of an asteroid and evil cultists have sent that asteroid hurtling toward a settlement
  11. A government is testing a prototype magical railgun
  12. “We run a small mine and every few weeks raiders show up and take the entire haul. We haven’t been paid for our work in months. If we don’t get paid soon we won’t be able to buy supplies.”
  13. A demon has been trapped within the body of a hero for eons, but over the years has taken control. The group must enter the hero’s psyche and free the warrior in order to defeat the demon once and for all.
  14. A demi-god who is tasked with guarding a demon-prince’s prison cell has misplaced the key (or possibly the cell itself) and requires the group’s assistance. However, this is all a test to prove whether or not the party is worthy.

I guess that’s enough for the moment. Hopefully there will be more to come and other ideas and postings as well.


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