Campaign/Adventure Hook Ideas

Here are a few adventure/campaign ideas I’ve had. Feel free to use them, but I’d LOVE to hear about what you do with them if you do! The most rewarding part of sharing my ideas is always seeing the collaborative whole.

  1. In the deserts of Armoria blue dragons act as bookies and loan sharks.
  2. The village of Copperdale has been a quiet retreat for weary travelers on the spice roads. Recently, though, the caravans making the return trip have reported that the town is even quieter than usual. It has been abandoned! Patrols were sent from Glen’s Rest, but they are not due back, yet. Arriving in Glen’s Rest, you notice that it, too, is quieter than normal. You begin passing through the tiny village and soon discover why. It seems the citizens of Copperdale have begun wandering into town in a daze. The entire village has abandoned their normal routine to lend aid where they can…
  3. Deep in the Evermarsh a new Witch Queen is rising to power. Aided by reptilian allies the young Queen is all but assured victory.
  4. The denizens of Arkwood have been fleeing its sheltering cover in drove, the elves who live within aren’t talking.
  5. Some adventurers have recently taken ownership of a vineyard outside town and are throwing a grand opening party to celebrate their new wine label. All the important people of the city will be there, but rumor has it that someone is planning an assassination at the dance!


There’s a few to get things started.Again, let me know what you do with them, I’d love to hear it.


2 thoughts on “Campaign/Adventure Hook Ideas

  1. I particularly like idea 5. Looks like a lot of roleplay potential.

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